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Pennsylvania Plow Day is over and what a blast. We rubbed elbows with some of the nicest Sears collectors in the world. It was fun meeting Hugh, Jesse, Dane and the boys. The day started off slow as our plows were not setup properly and old corn stalks would clog our plows but with the help of the experts, we eventually got it right.

Another great moment was when we met an avid Sears collector, Greg. He brought with him 2 of the nicest Suburban examples that have not been restored we’ve ever seen. I learned that there are so many Sears fans out there that are not on social media or websites. Actually, in our opinion, only 5 or 10 percent of us Sears fanatics are posting to the web. It’s real exciting to know that there are so many other Sears collectors out there. Next up, Hudson Mills Old Power Club show in June. 

Support to Forums Ending

FROM THE FOUNDER'S SON, 3/7/15: Due to changes in social media, our forums will be closing soon. It's just not easy to keep it running and prevent spambots from Russia coming to it, which happens pretty often. As of right now we have no set date on when it will close. It's still up, but the link has been removed as a request by my father. You can continue to receive support via our Facebook fan page, which is much easier to maintain than a forum.

Major Changes Coming...

In the coming months, we’ll be changing content around here and mixing things up. Poke around when you get a chance and let us know what you think.

FROM THE FOUNDER'S SON, 3/7/15: We may be moving to a new website host, since our current free hosting is pushing more limits down our throats and we can't really afford to pay $10 a month just to keep it running. Our current possibilities include GoDaddy and Weebly, but we'll have to do some more research. If we do not get a new site, instead an overhaul to the current site will be made, since most of the stuff found here dates back to when the site opened in 2012, and I'll admit, it really does look unprofessional in my eyes. This will most likely occur in the summer of 2015, since I'll have time on my hands then.

Like to blog?

Tell us how and when you first got the Sears Suburban bug. Drop us a line and we’ll post it up on the site. Write a sentence or a story, it’s all good stuff. What are you waiting for? [email protected]

SSBTC joins the Hudson Mills Old Power Club

The Hudson Mills Old Power Club is a power house old engine tractor club. The club has been safely preserving history since 1991. Check them out:

Hudson Mills Old Power Club, est. 1991