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1/18/2021 Website going away

It is with great sadness this site will no longer be available. Early in 2021, the provider will be removing all free sites and that includes ours. It's been a great run and appreciate all your support.


The Sears Suburban has become a nice little Garden Tractor for the novice collector due to price and availability. Easy to work on and parts can relatively be found due to the used parts market, it’s a fun tractor to own. What makes this hobby great are all the stories owners have on how their Suburban were handed down from their father or grandfather or sitting in my neighbor’s barn. The stories are endless and we never get tired of hearing them. What’s also special is in a day and age of video games and all the other bad things a teenager can get into these days, what’s better than spending time in the garage or barn making something 40 to 50 years old work again. Once running and working, go plow mom’s garden or dad’s driveway. When your older, spending time with your sons, your daughters and or grandchildren, how did we get so lucky? These are the good ol days.

So for that reason, welcome to the club. Take a look around. We’re glad you found us.

Kattera's Collection

Jeffrey from Kattera's Customs refurbished our first Suburban. A 1971 Sears Suburban. Thank you Jeffrey! 

Jeffrey's 500th Sears Suburban Tractor

8/28/2017: Checkout Jeffrey's 500th tractor tribute. Congrats Jeffrey!

The 10,000th tractor was completed in February of 1965

Reflecting a tremendous upsurge in production, the 250,000 the tractor came off the line in April of 1969.

Just 5 years later, production had reached a half million mark. On Monday, September 16, 1974 at 11:30 AM the brilliant colored white, gold and chrome unit was unveiled. Roper Outdoor Products celebrated the special day with ceremonies at the plant with free coffee and soft drink machines in the plant. It was a 24 hour event.

Dedicated to the preservation of the old David Bradley/Roper Sears Suburban

When do you know you are truly passionate about a hobby? Why does your neck hurt so much from the whiplash of turning backwards while driving through great states like Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania every time you see what you think is an old garden tractor sitting next to a beautiful old barn, rusting away? You think; “When’s the last time it was started”. Nothing a little gas tank cleaning and a squirt of starting fluid couldn’t fix, right? “It’s a piece of rusted junk”, your wife says. No, it just needs some love. Hours of scouring through craigslist and flea-bay lists over and over. Just to check it again 24 hours later in case you missed something.  Thoughts of where the next garden tractor is going to come from stuck in your head. Pictures, videos, blogs, websites, user groups, support groups. Get the picture? Welcome to the Sears Suburban Backyard Tractor Club website. A club dedicated to the preservation of the old David Bradley/Roper Sears Suburban. You’re amongst friends. Call it Suburban therapy. Heck, there are worst things you could be doing with your time. Why not bond with your sons and daughters, wife and pets, friends and neighbors and save an old iron from the scrap heap. It’s OK, you’re not alone in your obsession. 


Welcome to the Sears Suburban Backyard Tractor Club’s official website. This club was created primarily for 60’s and 70’s garden tractor collectors of the vintage Sears Suburban garden tractor line. In the coming months, we hope to provide information about Suburban models and the different implements that were available for these tractors.

I became a collector when I purchased my first 1971 Sears Suburban in 1995.This tractor was basically a train wreck and ultimately had to spend $750 to get the engine overhauled. When I brought the tractor home after the re-build, the gas tank leaked, and I was in need of a new gas tank. There was no complex internet back in 1995, and found it very difficult to find parts. Luckily a small engine repair shop had a 1968 broken-down tractor alongside the building and I purchased the gas tank, front grill, and hood for $40. Another $100 for a new carburetor later, I had my tractor running.

Craigslist and eBay came along and I was excited to see that other similar tractors were out there and available for purchase. Then in 2008, nearly 13 years after the first one, I bought my second Suburban, a 1970 model. Getting better at searching these relics, the race was on to purchase more. Today, with over 20 tractors, it’s become an obsession.

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